We manufacture traditional reach stackers with capacities up to 50 ton, unique on the market for lifting capacity and technology. Powered by a hydrostatic traction system coupled with mechanical gearboxes, they represent the maximum expression of control and efficiency in movements.

The main advantages

Reduce cost and maintenance time:

  • Positioning of the engine and hydraulic system in the easily accessible side power box, that makes it quick to replace the parts in the ordinary maintenance phases and any extraordinary maintenance interventions
  • The hydrostatic transmission system, the simplified mechanical transmission and the use of the engine at a lower number of revolutions, allows to carry out ordinary maintenance at intervals of 1000 hours.

Reduced fuel consumption

  • The hydrostatic transmission system with hydraulic motors with variable displacement, always in grip on a simplified mechanical gearbox, significantly reduce fuel consumption. In intermodal use the average consumption is between 8 and 10 Liters now.

Noise reduction

  • The positioning of the engine in the acoustically insulated box and the hydrostatic traction system greatly reduce noise. Sound pressure detected is 67 db in cabin, 102 db machine edge.

Increase in lifting capacity

  • The frame displacement system, with counterweight displacement, allows to increase the capacity of the machine in lifting the load remotely. It turns out to be the machine with the highest capacity in its class, maintaining manoeuvrability in spaces of a stacker at a wheelbase of 6.5 meters

Reach Stacker

Perfect for handling containers and semi-trailers Fixed wheelbase selectable from 6.5m to 8.6m with mechanical or hydraulic frame. Maximum capacity 90 T
Our models
  • HLM 500 16F
  • HLM 500 19F
  • HLM 500 21F

Super Heavy Reach Stacker

Perfect for lifting very heavy loads. Maximum capacity 250 T
Our models
  • HLM 500 BH
  • HLM 950
  • HLM 1250
  • HLM 1800
  • HLM 2000
  • HLM 3500