The best traction system
on the market

We manufacture traditional reach stackers with capacity up to 50 ton and the most advanced pick and carry machines with capacity up to 180 ton

Unique on the market in lifting capacity and technology. Powered by a hydrostatic traction system coupled with mechanical gearboxes, it represents the maximum expression of control and efficiency in movements.

Reduced engine power
Acceleration fluidity
Sound pressure reduction
Important reduction in fuel consumption
Reduced tyre consumption
Reduced time and maintenance costs
Reduction of acoustic and environmental impact

Two big families

Our reach stackers are ECO GREEN

Thanks to the hydrostatic transmission system and 7-liter engines, our machines boast a considerable reduction in fuel consumption of about 50% compared to reach stacker with powershift transmission and 11-liter engine The hydrostatic transmission system limits tire wear with a reduction in air pollution from particles emitted into the air and soil. In addition, a reduction in the frequency of change reduces pollution for the disposal of spent tires.

Reach Stacker

Lifting capacity up to a 50 ton

List of models

Super Heavy Reach Stacker

Lifting capacity up to 250 ton

List of models

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The best product comes from the study of the customer's need.

Analysis of customer needs, innovation in ideas, use of the latest technologies and the desire to face new challenges: those are the characteristics that belong to us.


The need to move heavier and the dialogue with customers inspire ideas for the realization of new machines realization of new machines


The change in market’s needs moves the search for solutions for the improvement of existing machines and adaptation to new exigencies.


The possibility of finding new technologies let overcome existing limits


To create an adequate, innovative and reliable product it is essential to dialogue with the customer and research the technology to guarantee great quality.